Born in Buffalo, New York on October 25, 1989, Luis A. Gonzalez also known as “Chunky” began playing percussion at the tender age of four.

By the age of seven he was playing the drums, an instrument he fell in love with and has not stopped since. At the age of ten he began traveling as a professional musician with his father’s group and got his first taste of life on the road; path he’d look to continue on for the following years.

A decision in his teenage years to move out of Buffalo with his parents landed him in Atlanta, Georgia, city where he is currently producing music for different genres and playing full time with a number of bands and artists in the area. He is well known in Atlanta for his live drum and DJ sets with the infamous DJ EU. Chunky is frequently working on perfecting his craft and preparing quality music for the world to hear.

A highlight of his career was attending the Democratic Convention in Denver, Colorado with singer/songwriter Sam Collier, experience he shared with numerous artists and believes to be key in reassuring him he is following the right path as a musician.

He considers his biggest influence to be his older brother Jose “Joey” Gonzalez, a professional musician who has played for numerous mainstream musicians and artists throughout his career. His most recent accomplishment was playing in India Arie’s latest album, “Testimony of Love and Politics”, which received two Grammy nominations and took home one of the awards.

Chunky, who is also the youngest out of five siblings, always thanks his God Almighty for blessing him with a pure soul and a conscious heart, qualities he believes to be instrumental in allowing him to develop as a world-class musician and a positive person eager to keep evolving. This mindset will continue to take him far in his quest to have the music he creates become part of the daily lives of people all over the world.